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greek organic thyme honey
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Our honey

is Greek, certified, organic from thyme plants in Syros.

Organic Beez is a certified organic thyme honey harvested exclusively from our hives on Syros, the capital island of the Cyclades complex in Greece. Containing more than 80% of thyme pollen grains*, a remarkably high percentage which may vary each year from 82% to 86% or even higher, our honey comes from organic bee keeping in limited quantities.

Exceptionally aromatic, Organic Beez has dark amber color and exquisite flavor with a spice aftertaste. Without blends with other types of honey, Organic Beez is natural and unprocessed. Although heating honey to slow down the process of crystallization is a practice often in beekeeping, we choose to keep our honey natural. Considering that non heating honey helps preserve all its natural value, Organic Beez is bottled just as the bees produce it. Each jar is checked and sealed separately in our certified facilities.

A piece of advice: Honey crystallizing is a natural and uncontrolled process, occurring over the course of 6 or 18 months, depending on the honey. You may re-liquefy your honey by removing the lid of the jar and placing it in a deep pan of hot water(104F/ 40°C). The hot water will heat the jar which heats the honey. The key is to not let the temperature get above 40°C.

* According to the Code of Food and Beverages, article 11a of the European legislation, any honey with a thyme pollen grain content of at least 18% can be called ‘thyme honey’.